Brenda Guerrero, MS, LPC, FT

Hello! I’m Brenda Guerrero and I am a licensed professional counselor who works with teens and adults of all ages as they adapt to life’s challenges. I view counseling as a collaborative process of self-discovery and growth and my role as one of walking beside you on your journey – accompanying you as you discover new ways to connect to your strengths and find healing. I will offer encouragement, support, and challenge to help you achieve your optimal level of holistic wellness.

I have earned a list of formal credentials: a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology (my training to become a licensed professional counselor); a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology with a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology; and advanced professional certification as a Fellow in Thanatology (Specialist in Death, Dying and Grief). While my formal credentials afford me the privilege of accompanying you through your therapeutic growth process, I believe my ability to develop a genuine, safe, trusting, collaborative, and warm therapeutic relationship is as important as my credentials in helping you overcome challenges associated with:

*anxiety conditions including generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, agoraphobia

*mood conditions such as depression, bipolar I & II, cyclothymia and dysthymia

*anger and emotional regulation


*mind-body health

*coping skills

*burnout, including occupational and family caregiver burnout

*loss, grief, and bereavement

*life-limiting illness



*developmental transitions of all age groups

*sleep disorders

*low self-esteem


*multicultural concerns


*behavioral issues

*relationship concerns including divorce, parenting, family conflict

The above list is not exhaustive so if you would like to know if I can competently address your specific needs please reach out with your inquiry.

4242 Piedras Dr. E. Suite #114
San Antonio, TX 78228

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